Refurbishment / Extension





Our clients had re-located from London and bought a grand semi-detached villa in Clifton with a view to reconfiguring and modernising in order to provide a home for them and their three children. Although in good order, the house had been little altered since it was built - the kitchen was small and detached from the rest of the living accommodation and there was no link to the mature garden to the rear. The central focus of the brief was to re-configure the house to create family spaces that opened up to the garden and in such a way that encouraged every room to be used every day. Moon’s analysis of the house exposed that although there was lots of floor area, all the rooms felt very separate and the basement was dark and disconnected from the rest of the house. The principal change that Moon proposed was to cut out the floor and remove the walls to the ground and lower ground floors to the rear of the house, forming a large double height space. Although this reduced the total floor area, it allowed the previously isolated basement rooms to be linked with the rest of the house and transformed the entrance. The double height space links the whole house meaning that the main family space to the lower ground floor is only separated from every other room by a single door. A large opening and a new single storey extension glazed with Fineline windows, along with the re-sculpting of the garden levels, allows the family spaces to open out and daylight to be drawn in.