This is how Moon works with you, on your project.

Initial discussions

The journey always starts with you. It’s your project, your home. So, before we can start any design work, we make damn sure we know what you want to achieve. You become a fundamental part of the design process, with access to everyone involved. Our model is built on collaboration.

Concept design

For us, design goes far beyond how something looks. It’s how it’s built and how it works – function and form. You need to consider the whole picture to create something great. Something that makes you proud and still works brilliantly years down the line.

All concept designs are prepared by Moon’s in-house Architectural team. The ideas draw on our vast experience and help you understand what can be achieved in design and technical terms, relative to your budget. Using the traditional approach of architect and builder working in silo, this process would take months longer and cost you much more.

Once we’ve prepared the concept design, we’ll invite you to our offices to discuss the proposals, looking at what you like and what you don’t. This discussion is crucial. We want you to challenge our ideas and we may challenge yours. We consider this to be part of what you’re paying us for. And, to get it right, we need you to say exactly what you think.


One small word that can cause a few awkward conversations. For us, agreeing a budget comes down to what you consider good value. It’s putting a price on design, craftsmanship, time and stress levels.

Having both the Design and Build teams under one roof means we can see where the costs lie and make informed decisions. We won’t pluck a figure out of the air and we won’t give you false expectations.

When we meet to discuss the concept designs we’ll present a preliminary budget. This is where you can see our expertise at work. We know when to compromise, when to cut costs and when to spend. We’ll use your money wisely, treating it as if it were our own and making sure the spirit of the design stays true.


Once you’re happy with the concept design and budget, it’s time to sign on the dotted line. This requires a booking deposit payment.

Planning & Building Regulations

Moon takes care of the whole building regulations process, including submission of plans and site visits. We’ve a very good track record of achieving consents in Bristol and Bath – we’re an accredited agent with many South West councils.

We also have an excellent track record of dealing with listed buildings and properties within conservation areas, and can also assist on party wall matters.

Moon’s in-depth understanding of building regulations informs our decisions right from the concept design stage.


We build what we design. Moon’s in-house team of Architects produces all the site drawings. This means we need to know it will work. If the design is flawed or something isn’t possible, we have to blame ourselves. No pointing the finger while the project grinds to a halt. If there’s a problem, we resolve it. There’s no hiding behind the architect.

We’ll manage every aspect of the construction, including services, building works, bathrooms and kitchens. It makes sense; the more we can control, the more of our expertise you’ll receive, and the better the end result will be.

Unlike many of our competitors who sub contract the works to third parties, our site workers work directly for Moon. We’ve some really skilled tradespeople who’ve worked for Moon for more years than they’d care to remember.

Moon’s in-house Project Management team is responsible for the delivery of all our projects.


Another unique aspect of Moon is our workshop in Bristol. This facility means we can integrate fitted or freestanding furniture into our projects with ease.

The Moon Design team can consider furniture elements at the very first stage of the design process. It doesn’t become a bolt-on item at the end. This produces a very special, integrated end product.

Moon kitchens are made by hand at our workshop, providing a seamless delivery of projects with a new kitchen element.

Client choices

Completing over 300 projects means we’ve a fantastic knowledge of good design solutions and great products that can help you to get the most out of your space.

We‘ve a dedicated in-house team of Interior Designers who can help you with all aspects of the project, guiding you through the myriad of product choices, and design solutions.

This service deals with:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathroom
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures and fittings

Finishing + Snagging

We work very hard to keep the number of snagging items to a minimum (it’s in our interest as well as yours). But, whatever the project, there will always be some to deal with.

We’ve our in-house Snagging Manager who takes ownership of any snagging items and ensures you have a completed project.


At the end of the project we’ll prepare an Aftercare Pack for you. This pack will contain:

  • A copy of the planning consents
  • Any guarantees if relevant
  • Certificates and instruction manuals
  • Care instructions for specialist items

We offer a standard defects liability period of six months.