Building Relationships

We take our relationships with our supply chain very seriously. It is much more than just a list of sub-contractors and suppliers, it is about building long term relationships with like-minded people and companies. Our performance depends on these relationships, so we make huge efforts to choose the right companies, and to maintain and improve our relationships with them over the long term.

A Culture of Excellence

For us, it’s all about finding partners who share our values of doing things well and who want to…

  • Deliver projects to our clients that meet our high standards
  • Develop relationships that benefit us all. Moon, themselves and most importantly, our clients
  • Work together to reduce inefficiencies, risks and mistakes
  • Use innovative methods and share experiences and ideas
  • Make health and safety the number one priority
  • Reduce waste and work in a sustainable way
  • Treat everyone with respect, acting fairly and in a socially responsible manner
  • Treat our client’s house as if it’s their own
  • Ensure that everyone who works with us complies with all relevant legislation.


We have invested in a new on-line construction management system called Moon BASE.

This will revolutionise how we communicate with our sites and our sub-contractors. It provides real time communication between the office and the sites.

We will also use this system to manage all our tender packages and returns.

This system will become the central component to how we work together. Improving communication, reducing mistakes and increasing efficiency for all parties.

Applying to be part of
our supply chain

Sub-contractors: We have been working with most of our sub-contractors for many years. If you think you would like to join our team and think you can deliver some of the best projects in the South West, please use the form below to send us your details.

Our Contracts Manager will review all applications and will be back in contact to discuss your services and track record in more detail.

Materials’ suppliers: If you are a company specialising in the supply of materials and wish to be added to our supplier list, please also use the form below.

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